Evidence is beautiful.And that's a fact.

It’s effective and measurable.

It’s powerful. It’s beautiful.

It marries smarts, rigorous rational thinking, data and fact with restless creativity and flair.

It’s our secret sauce.

It’s Evidence Based Creativity.

Strategic and creative solutions underpinned by data and insights

We have our own way of doing things. It’s called Evidence Based Creativity. And it quickly gets us to solutions that our clients and their customers, love. It also helps de-risk marketing investments, and it produces creative that we and you can be confident in.

Meet the model

Evidence Based Creativity is underpinned by our Think, Create, Engage, Measure (T.C.E.M.) model. It harnesses psychographic, behavioural, preference, influence and purchase data to inform creative, strategic and performance-based solutions.

Our process


Strategy & analysis

We always start with really getting to know you, getting under the skin of your brand and the specifics of your challenges. More importantly we really get to know your audiences. Understanding their attitudes, motivations and needs is the most important thing we can ever do. Using insight and fact, we take a business problem and shine it through 3 lenses.


What unique attributes can help us influence their attitudes, emotions and behaviours?
Psychological, Technological, Social & Personal


What are the dynamics of competitive advantage?


What factors are changing the backdrop of the brand customer relationship? Cultural, Political & Environmental.

Our strategy services...

  • Brand strategy
  • Competitor audits and white space analysis
  • Cultural and behavioural insights
  • Psychological profiling
  • Audience segmentation
  • Data - insights, analytics and CRO
  • Product & market testing
  • Creative performance (AI optimisation)
  • Customer journey & UX mapping/research
  • Insights mining – Market & stakeholder

This gives us a detailed, evidence-based picture of you and your world.

We started Amigo with a simple idea. Great people doing great work for great clients. 10 years in, we’re doing exactly that

Paul Harrison, Founding Partner

Paul HarrisonFounding Partner