Fintech from Finland for the world
It’s not very often you get the chance to work with the inventors of a category. Basware were and are fintech trailblazers. But where they innovated others have followed. Now they’re competing against household names. We partnered closely with internal teams to up the creative ante with big brand and campaign ideas, delivered with precision and flexibility.

Role and services

  • ABM campaigns
  • Brand platform development
  • Product launch digital campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Content creation

Performance enhancing

Even in 2022, paper still rules the invoice world. Basware are the antidote. Rather than banging their heads against a brick wall, finance teams can break the glass ceiling and perform at a level that would otherwise be impossible. Performance, personal pride, team successes, enjoyment – these are the things that matter to finance teams. And that’s what we tapped into.

One-to-one and one-to-few

Account-Based Marketing creative campaigns drive value and improve relationships with biggest clients. Creating bespoke campaigns targeted at DHL, JTI, NBCU and more, we created super-targeted, totally bespoke, optimised and highly tested ABM campaigns. Targeting finance teams, accounts payable, IT professionals and procurement teams at key clients, we delivered direct to the most highly prized customers with the greatest chance of up-sell and cross-sell.

More of the most valuable thing of all

We created a new, more human, brand platform. Bringing emotional as well as practical benefits to the forefront and based on deep audience insights, we zero’ed in on the most important and valuable thing that people working in finance departments have and crave more of. Time. Time Better Spent became the connective thread that now runs through all creative, delivered across all channels.

At the peak you’re untouchable

Building from the Time Better Spent creative platform, we developed a campaign with real cut-through for the global launch of a new AI powered, Touchless Invoice Processing tool. Executed across digital and off-line channels, we challenged finance teams to perform to such an amazing level that they become untouchable. We developed a flexible messaging framework that enabled Basware to speak directly in the language of each of their different customer groups.

Kittos (that's Finnish for thank you)

Toby, Claire, Katie, Jenny and the rest of the team at Basware. And gracias to all the amigos and amigas who worked on it.

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