Making fleet vehicles greener

Beneath the bonnet of Hitachi's emissions calculator there’s some seriously complicated maths going on. But with best practice UX and AI powered testing, we created a seriously simple, step-by-step guide that made converting to electric vehicles seem a breeze.

Role and services

  • Digital platform design and build

Sustainable future

For fleet vehicle owners, the prospect of replacing petrol cars, vans and trucks to electric counterparts is a complex and expensive business. Or is it? We partnered with Hitachi to create a cost of conversion calculator. Maybe it won’t cost as much and be as complicated as you think. Using a question and answer format with clear signposting of your progress, the multi-step process was a simple yet incredibly powerful and useful experience.

Clear and simple UX and design

How do you make some very intricate and detailed maths look beautiful and work perfectly? We put our Evidence Based Creativity tools to work. By applying best in class user experience principles, neuroscience and extensive AI powered testing to work, we were able to create an incredibly powerful cost calculator that was easy to use and easy on the eye.

Sustainable by design

Designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible, the digital conversion calculator uses the latest technology to ensure that C02 consumption of the end user is as low as possible.

Thank you

Huge thanks to George and entire team at Hitachi.

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