Some meetings are more memorable

As the pandemic hit and we all took to Zoom and Teams, we worked with voice recognition industry pioneers Intelligent Voice to create a new consumer-facing brand. Meet Myna.

Role and services

  • Brand strategy
  • Audience insights
  • Brand naming
  • Brand visual identity
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Website design and build
  • Product design

A new brand for a new problem

In a weird, new Covid ravaged world, we were asked by Intelligent Voice – leaders in voice recognition and call recording software – to name, design a brand visual ID, create a tone of voice, design and build a website, design the product interface and create training materials to launch a consumer version of their product.

Repeat after me

A perfect memory is an incredibly powerful thing. Working closely with the IV team, we created Myna. Inspired by the Myna bird’s cheeky and incredible ability to copy, we built a brand around the power to store and then recall your most important calls whenever you need to.

Hello memorable

Insight led us to create a brand that would appeal to early tech adopters. Inspired by the types of modern efficiency building tech brands they use, we created a vibrant, youthful brand with a distinctive, playful voice. 

Product design

The product interface was kept clean and inviting. With Zoom burnout a real thing, we positioned Myna as the perfect way to get a perfect memory of who said and did what. We knew that making it easy to sign up and easy of use was critical. So we created simple paths to purchase and a super-easy to use product. 

Thanks for memories

Massive thanks to Nigel and the rest of the team at Intelligent Voice and Myna. It was one the amigos and amigas who worked on it won’t forget in a hurry.

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